Our story

Founders: Juliet Noble and Martin Orbach

We made our first ice cream back in 1987, using sheep milk produced on our own farm on the Herefordshire/Wales border. From the beginning we made a conscious decision to take our ice-cream direct to the consumer – in a cornet. 

 It’s a philosophy we have stuck with and have never regretted. We retain control of our product all the way along the line; we have great flexibility of flavours; and we are continually in touch with the people who matter most, our customers. 

 Over the years we have taken our motley crew to festivals all over the country, from Womad to the Big Green. We’ll claim we are Glastonbury’s longest running food trader (maybe) and our ice cream has been devoured by folk dancers, foodies and book fans alike. 

 In 2000 we got a bricks and mortar premises when we opened our ice cream parlour in Hay-on-Wye. The parlour is now a Hay institution and in 2018 we sold it to Jess Hope-Jone who continues to sell our ice cream today. 

 Recently things have moved on as Jessie Fleck joined the events side and our daughter Connie became part of the manufacturing team bringing fresh energy at a time when it was most needed. 

Now, in response to the lack of festivals we are looking at another way of taking our ice cream directly to the customer, but this time in a pot. We have spent the last year delivering tubs of our ice cream around the county and we are excited to spread this further through national delivery.

Our ice cream

We like to keep it simple

Our key ingredient is fresh, healthy, whole sheep’s milk which we have been using for over 30 years. 

Sheep’s milk is exceptionally high in solids which means, uniquely, that we make our ice-cream using just the full fat milk. The result is proper smooth, creamy dairy ice cream, but with half the fat. This low fat ice cream, made in small batches, and churned slowly is most akin to Italian Gelato - in fact we were making Gelato before we even really knew what it was! 

We make the most of what is produced locally when it’s in season. We use Herefordshire strawberries and blackcurrants, while damsons, gooseberries and apples come from our garden. We also love using fresh spices and herbs to make unusual but delicious flavours like Lebanese Coffee, Cinnamon Chai and Lime and Mint sorbet. 

We make sure our events always stock a combination of old favourites and new surprises or you could sign up for a subscription box to get something new each month.