Shepherds Ice Cream

Roasted Apple and Brown Butter

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An apple flavour in April may seem a little out of season but these are not any old apples. They are Newton Wonder apples and come from our favourite apple tree. They keep going all winter and store really well. These apples were picked in the autumn, stored in crates in the barn and now made into ice cream in the spring! 

We roast them up with slowly cooked brown butter that adds a richness to the final flavour then mix them in with our plain base.

Sheeps milk, skimmed goats milk powder, demerara sugar, glucose, dextrose, apple (30%), brown butter (cow’s), cinnamon, nutmeg, stabiliser and emulsifiers of veg origin (guar gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum, mono and di-glycerides).  


All of our ice creams may contain traces of nuts.

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